Photo Gallery

Hello, and welcome to my photo gallery. These are photos from my past, of many ages! I hope you enjoy them:

004_George and Elaine

From the set of World Enough and Time, with George Takei



1524973_664638436927012_449067721_n sctr24 sc102 sc101 sc100 sc33 SC2 SC 138


On the set:







Some friends:

Elaine and Lincoln IMG_1319


Some from my past:

100_0574 Groucho and Elaine 1976 Elaine1976 ELAINE WITH PIG 5-06 Elaine New York headshot Elaine as a kid Elaine as a kid - cropped ELAINE AS A CHILD DSCN0012


And with my amazing husband:

Marc, Elaine and Gort (1) MARC & ELAINE PHOTO BY PATRICK 5-04 MARC & ELAINE DIRECTING 10-06 Marc & Elaine at screen test IMG_2339 Elaine and Marc 1976 Elaine and Marc 1976 2 cari_fin

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